Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Public Service: NSO Serbilis Center @ Muntinlupa

I really am at a lost on how to start this blog... so many things are on top of my head right now and I'm at a quandary which topic to blog about first.. let me see... hmmm...okay I will start with something about public service.

Having been a full time mom, grandma and housekeeper since I early retired in 2007, I get the task of attending to errands relative to civil registry documents for my family, be it a birth, marriage, school and any other government or private certification documents, I take charge.

Yesterday was another day, I went to NSO Serbilis Center in Muntinlupa to file and claim some family registry documents.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the procedures, thereat, here's how it goes:

1.  Get application form from Window A and fill it up. Be ready with the pertinent info, like, full name including middle name of document owner and parents, date and place of birth. Make sure to write "with annotation" on the application form has there been legal corrections made on the document requested;

2.  Pay at Window B or C the P75/document LGU fee;

3.  Then fall in line (find the last seat in the 1st column of chairs right side of the entrance) to pay the NSO processing fee of P140/document for birth, marriage and death certificates or P195/doc for CENOMAR at Window 1, 2 or 3;
This part is the bottleneck of the entire process, it will take you back by 2-3hours waiting period, just to get this part done. Make sure you bring a light snack to tide you over if you happen to be still in line by 12 noon. Only one (1) cashier window operate during lunch break (12-1) so queuing will be at a snail pace at this time.

4.  After paying, check your receipts for correctness of entry and the time of document release, either wait or come back at the designated release time;

5.  At release time (go back at least 1 hour earlier, documents are almost always ready by then) wait for your name to be called from either Window E or F, then present your receipt together with your valid ID and authorization and photocopy of  ID of authorizing person if you are not the document owner. Birth, marriage and death certs are issued same day, while CENOMAR takes 7 days to process.  At the designated release date and time for CENOMAR, claim by presenting your receipt and ID at Window F.

You don't need authorization if you are applying for registry documents of your immediate family, like children and spouse. You need authorization for grandchildren and siblings' documents.

Documents unclaimed 30 days after date of release will be discarded;
Prepare exact amount when paying, sometimes cashiers get a bit snooty when tired;
No receipts, no ID, no release;
Bring black or blue inked pen, though vendors selling them (3x its normal selling price) abound in the vicinity.

Getting there:

1. From Laguna, take Alabang bus, get off right after toll gate, walk straight towards national road leading to Bayanan Muntinlupa;
2. Get jeepney plying the route, pay minimum fare of P8 and get off at Muntinlupa City Hall, Serbilis Center is beside the highway, on your right when facing City Hall.


  1. how long the cenomar it takes

  2. I'm sorry for the long overdue reply, haven't visited my blog in a very long while. if still relevant for you, Cenomar processing takes from 4 to 7 working days